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The biggest depth-processing enterprise of crude phenol in China for continuous rectification method.

Cresol m/p mixture

Molecular Formula:C7H8
Structural Formula:

Properties and uses:It is the refined product from crude phenol. It can be used to produce plasticizer, insulating paint, disinfector, organic metal flotation agent, plastic, pesticide, etc. as well as color film developer. 

Quality Index:

Index name
Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Colorless to brown transparent liquid
Density (20℃) g /ml
Distillation Test ( 760 mmHg )
Distillation yield at 195-205℃ ( volume ) %
Neutral oil %
M-cresol %
Moisture %

Packing, storage and transportation:200kg per galvanized iron drum. Stored in ventilated, shady and cool place. Deal with the storage and transportation according to the requirements of dangerous products

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