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The biggest depth-processing enterprise of crude phenol in China for continuous rectification method.

Technical xylenol

Physical and Chemical Properties: slightly yellow to brown red oil-like liquid, erosive. Lt is the mixture of six kinds of dimethyl phenol isomer, >> boiling point 211-255 ℃ .

Quallity Standards: Up to GB/T2600-1997
Grade l
Grade 2
Colorless to red brown transparent liquid
Density (20 ℃ ). g/ml
1. 01-1 .04
Distillation Range(atmospheric pressure 101.325kpa)
Distillate volue under205 ℃ or below,%not more than 5
1.01-1.04 Distillate volue under225 ℃ or below, %not less than 95 90
Neutral oil. %not more than
Moisture. % not more than

Uses: used for making phenolic resin, pesticides, aromatics, ntiseptics, etc.

Packing: galvanized iron drum 200kg

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